Mara von Scheffer and Anna-Maria Dirrigl use their art as a form of self empowerment. Their creative work is an affirming way of dealing with hurt and trauma, as well as a confrontation with societal norms and restrictions. They make their inner reactions to their outer surroundings, to discrimination, violence and uncertainty visible and thus take back authority over themselves.

By depicting monstrous, disgusting and terrifying creatures in richness of detail, Mara von Scheffer is taking power over things that are frightening: societal expectations, social insecurities, performance pressure. Depicting the world as it is perceived – scary and creepy – and immersing themself into the creative process while doing so, gives Mara a sense of control over situations of helplessness and panic.

Anna-Maria Dirrigl focuses on processing personal trauma and structural marginalization by stressing and celebrating aspects of their own identity that differ from societal norms and are therefore targets of discrimination. Words and images break with a culture of silence and shame and thus lead to self empowerment. Body positivity, queerness, disability and intersectional feminism are core contents of their art. They publish their poetry under the pseudonym Anna Nave.

Anna-Maria Dirrigl depicts things that are often met with disgust, judgement, even fear: a fat body, a person that cannot clearly be assigned to one binary gender, queerness, nudity. Meanwhile, Mara von Scheffer shows pictures of actually horrific monsters which shall trigger these very reactions. The juxtaposition of these two aspects results in a suspenseful interaction between disgust and aesthetic, fear and love, helplessness and power.

What is monstrous, and what is human?

Oct. 4th – Oct. 16th 2021 in the Pop-Up-Room of the Degginger Regensburg open daily from 11.30 until 19 o’clock