In her artworks, Anna-Maria Dirrigl deals with diverse aspects of her life. In addition to processing personal experiences, she uses her art as a means of activism. We live in a world structured, inter alia, by racism, sexism, heteronormativity and ableism. Therefore, we internalize behavior and ways of speaking and thinking which reproduce and perpetuate social injustices. Hence, it is our responsibility to consciously deal with these societal structures and our own position therein. In multilayered ways, Anna-Maria's artworks process this complex issue and reflect the artist‘s life at the intersection of different oppressions and privileges.

Anna-Maria Dirrigl was born in Regensburg, Germany, in 1989. She first studied Educational Science (BA) and then did her Master's in Visual Arts and Aesthetic Education. At the moment, she is studying Gender Studies, Intersectionality and Change (Master of Social Science) at Linköping University and works for the organisation Queerlig, which she co-founded.

Under the pseudonym Anna Nave she has self-published two volumes of poetry.